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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Glitter Gift Baskets Introduces new Baby Aspen !!

Glitter Gift Baskets is proud to introduce the new baby aspen designer collection to its repertoire of baby baskets.

The collection is gift-ready with keepsake features--from pastel hat boxes to baskets to solid wooden horses. Beautiful. Practical. Boutique quality; priced right.

Every single gift is infused with personality plus! 

So, as the expectant (or new) mom opens her fourth pack of generic burping cloths, your thoughtful gift selection will hold a special place in her heart. Because at home, far away from the ooh's and aah's of the baby shower, mom and baby make special memories telling a story tucked in beside Mother Goose.

At Glitter Gift Baskets, we understand the distinctive difference between a baby gift and an extraordinary baby gift. And as you browse through our collection, we think you will too.

All of our Baby Aspen themed products are available to be shipped right now anywhere in Canada for free.

Best of all you can make your gift a memorable keepsake by personalizing it with the baby's name on a blanket.